Geoff Saavedra: Vocals,guitars, bass, drum programming

Outdoor picture of Geoff, in a white t-shirt and baseball hat, looking up at Titano, who is walking across Geoff's path

Titanosaur is a New York one-man Punk Rock/Heavy Metal crusher. Created by Geoff Saavedra, it is the meat in a Rock sandwich, with two slices of Motorhead/The Ramones bread, some Monster Magnet cheese, and your pre-requisite Black Sabbath garnish. Geoff started recording for Titanosaur in early 2017. Since then, Titanosaur has released 5 full length albums and 1 EP. Titanosaur also released 2 collaborative Motörhead covers with DemonScar that have gotten a ton of traction on Spotify.

Geoff has been recording with The Raygun Girls, a Goth Rock/Alt Rock band, since 2004, but was forced to start recording at home due to his 3rd emergency heart surgery in 2009. Needing to separate his love of Heavy Metal from his love of Goth Rock, Geoff started recording for Titanosaur in early 2017.

Titanosaur allows me to rock out, be silly and just have fun,” says Geoff. “I grew up on Queen, Mountain, Black Sabbath, Ramones, Sex Pistols, and some of that does come through in The Raygun Girls, but that project is dark and serious.”

In mid 2022, Geoff was placed on the Heart Transplant List, but that didn’t stop the giant behemoth! In December, Titanosaur released a full length album, No One Home, which contained the single “Eater of Death” which has been on repeat in Geoff’s head as a mantra to stay alive. Even while stuck in a hospital for 5 weeks, in 2023 for monitoring, Geoff did not stop making music, and the bones for future Titanosaur songs were written.

Titanosaur is still here, and a force to be reckoned with, so “Lick my boots and kneel to the Queen of the Universe” as you blast Titanosaur!

Geoff Saavedra

2023 Titanosaur Logo


  • 3/2023 – “I’m Still Here” single
  • 12/2022 – No One Home album
  • 2/2022 – Absence of Universe album
  • 7/2021 – Inti Wañu EP
  • 12/2020 – Messages album
  • 5/2019 – II album
  • 5/2018 – Eat Me album