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“Lick my boots and kneel to the Queen of the Universe!”


Geoff Saavedra: Vocals,guitars, bass, drum programming

Titanosaur is a New York one-man Punk Rock/Heavy Metal crusher.

Created by Geoff Saavedra, Titanosaur is the meat in a Rock sandwich, with two slices of Motorhead/The Ramones bread, some Monster Magnet cheese, and your pre-requisiteBlack Sabbath garnish.

Geoff started recording for Titanosaur in early 2017. Since then, Titanosaur has released Eat Me (2018), II (2019), Messages (2020), and Inti Wañu EP (2021), the latter solidifying the band’s sound. Titanosaur also released a collaborative Motörhead cover of “Mean Machine” with DemonScar that has gotten a ton of traction on Spotify. 

Titanosaur doesn’t seem to be slowed down, since they plan to release the album Absence of Universe in 2022. Absence of Universe has a solid musical direction with the influences of MinistrySepulturaMastodon, and Killing Joke. The band has released the singles “Conspiracy” and “We’re All Waiting” and plans to release more music in the future.



Titano and Geoff eagerly awaiting the release of Absence of Universe
Titanosaur Logo 2020


“Titanosaur is here to stay. Absence of Universe is the first must-own album of 2022. Its nine songs have infinite replay value, not a single dud on this record, folks. The musicianship is tight… And the songwriting is quite sound” – Harbinger of Doom

“For now there are two singles, to feel the fury of this project; that roars quality, strength and creativity.
We assure you it will not disappoint.” – [translated from Spanish] Riff of Metal



Geoff – info@savagevibes.com