Doom Comes Knocking

It was an absolute fluke. Completely unplanned.

It’s almost exactly one year since DemonScar and Titanosaur released our cover of “Mean Machine”. This is why we picked 9/23 as the date to release our version of “Bomber” (yes, that means it’s out now on all streaming services!). A couple of days later I was told that 9/23 was also going to be the day that the Harbinger of D.O.O.M. compilation would be released – Doom Comes Knocking.

The Harbinger of D.O.O.M. blog is a big supporter of Titanosaur, so when I was asked if I wanted to contribute a track, I immediately said “Absolutely!”

I decided to re-record one of my favorite songs from the debut album, Eat Me. “Escape Velocity” was the first single, and one of my favorite songs, but I didn’t like my guitar sound and the overall production. Also, my voice has gotten more, uhm “evil”. So, I re-recorded it, and it now sounds chunky, intense, and it’s available only on this compilation! I also created really snazzy new artwork for the song…. which, very well might show up on a t-shirt soon….

Doom Comes Knocking is only available through Bandcamp as a Name Your Price album. 12 Doom laden tracks, including fantastic artists like Indus Valley Kings, Mos Eisley Spaceport, AAWKS, Las Cruces and more!

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