Echoes is coming September 29!

The time has finally come!

On September 29, Titanosaur will release a new 10 track album – Echoes.

Written during and after a five week hospital stay, in January 2023, the music has the signature Titanosaur sound – crunch, groove, energy and Geoff’s unmistakeable vocal growl.

The album includes “I’m Still Here”, “What’s Your Pleasure”, “The World Is On Fire”, “Free Your Mind” which have all been remastered, plus 6 new tracks.

Sleeping Village will be premiering the new album, along with a music video for the new single “The Ghosts Are Calling”, on Monday, September 25th, so keep a look out for that!

CD’s will also be available. The CD version has 3 Bonus tracks- “My Words Are Apocalypse”, “The Time Is Now” and “Beware”.

Pre-orders and Pre-saves are now open! CD pre-orders will start shipping on Monday, September 25, so you might get yours even before it’s officially released!

For Pre-saves head to , and for pre-orders, well… you know where to go – Bandcamp!

Hope you dig the music and keep rocking!

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