Echoes – September 2023

“If you enjoy your metal thick and thunderous, then take Echoes for a spin, you’re in for a mammoth of a good time.”

Harbinger Of D.O.O.M

Leaning in to Geoff’s goth flavor, the songs in this collection reflect Geoff’s state of mind as he deals with being on the heart transplant list, the impostor syndrome around that, and becoming okay with needing to be mostly sedentary. 

Digital version comes with a full color PDF insert, with individual track artwork and lyrics for all of the songs. 

CD version comes with 3 bonus tracks – remastered “Beware”, “The Time Is Now” and “My Words Are Apocalypse”.

Released September 29, 2023
The Swamp Records Label


Geoff Saavedra: vocals, guitar, bass, drum programming, synth programming 

Kazuki Hiratani: lead guitar (“What’s Your Pleasure”, “Dissolve”) 
Anthony Difiglio: lead guitar (“The Ghosts Are Calling”) 

Produced and mixed by Geoff Saavedra 

All songs written by Geoff Saavedra 

Titanosaur photos: Samanthuel Destroyer of Worlds 
Kazuki Hiratan photosi: Brayden Winson 
Anthony Difiglio photos: Alex Walworth Photography

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