First Live Performance in 10 Years!

This past Sunday I actually performed live!

I know – why didn’t I make a bigger deal out of it? I was super busy! Between working my regular job, and filming and editing the “Absolution” video (oh, yeah – third single “Absolution” is now out there!), AND practicing and learning the songs to perform – I was just so exhausted.

This was the first time I have performed in about 10 years. I was scared beyond belief! I was invited to play on Happy Hour with Heather and Guest…. only about 50 minutes.

So, if you happened to miss it, fear NOT! For it has been recorded and posted on Youtube! I play through some old songs, tell some stories and even play an EXCLUSIVE – a song that is on the forthcoming album that won’t be heard until December 4th when the album is released!

Hit play now!

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