Inti Wañu – July 2021

cover artwork for 2021 EP

“This is an exciting EP. A killer showcase of what Titanosaur have to offer. The Final Score – 9/10” – Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Live

“It is the soundtrack of the last days of Incan rule over Latin America facing the culture’s doom brought by the ‘Super Colossal Spanish Queen’.”

MangoWave Reviews

I am 1st generation United States… ian… 
My family comes from Ecuador (tiny people)- the land of active volcanos. Specifically, my maternal grandmother’s (like a 2nd mother to me) family comes from the Cotopaxi region. The Cotopaxi is one of the most active volcanos. 

While recording these songs, I suddenly got an overwhelming urge to connect with that history. 

The Inca once ruled South America. My grandmother’s family are direct descendants. Quechua is the language still spoken by the native Ecuadorians. Inti Wañu is Quechua for “Sun Warrior”.

Released July 2, 2021

The Swamp Records label

Music and lyrics by Geoff Saavedra, except “This Love” by Elizabeth Petty.

Vox, guitar, bass, drum programming – Geoff Saavedra 
Backing vocals, lead guitar on “Someone Will Come” – FrogLord 
Lead guitar solo on “On the Run” – Anthony DiFiglio

Recorded, mixed and engineered by Geoff Saavedra at Savage Vibes.

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