Is No One Home?!

Cover artwork for the No One Home Single

CW: A whole lot of exclamation points.

I missed it!

The crushing “No One Home” single was released on 11/11 and I didn’t make a post for it! AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!

I’m calm, I’m calm…

“The drums are pounding.  The guitars are thunderous.  The bass is smooth and rolling.  The vocals sound like they’re being roared from a mountain top.  That is Titanosaur.  Never disappoints.”

The Indie Rock Dojo

No One Home Single is almost an EP, because it’s a 3 song single –

  • “No One Home”
  • “The Spaces Between”
  • “Eater of Death”

And if you download your copy on Bandcamp, you get a 4th bonus song!
Yup. You get another fast paced thrasher – “Believe”. All for only $1!

Or you can check out the 3 Song Single on Spotify and other streaming services.

We’ve also got a brand new video for “No One Home”

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