Messages – December 2020

“Crushing Riffs,Raw Power, Thunderous Vocals. Titanosaur is here to stomp your heads in! 
I came to hear the trademark vocals and was instantly swallowed up by the atmosphere created by Titanosaur , this album is killer from start to finish! 12/10 which is the highest honor from the Limbocast.” 

In December of 2019, I was diagnosed as being autistic… however, I already knew this, due to my research into the possibility about 13 years before. 

This diagnosis led to a lot of self discovery- including everything I thought was “wrong” about how I felt and thought. Many of the songs on this album reflect the revelations and the conflicts that have occurred due to my newfound clarity about my self.

Released December 4, 2020 

Music and lyrics by Geoff Saavedra 

Recorded, mixed and engineered by Geoff Saavedra at Savage Vibes.

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