New Titanosaur Music – “This Love”

cover artwork for 2021 EP

Brand new Titanosuar music is here!

“This Love” is the first single from the upcoming EP, Inti Wañu, and the first release for Titanosaur through The Swamp Records label. “This Love” is a Punk Rock infused Hard Rocker, and has already been compared to Monster Magnet a few times (sounds good to me!).
This song was written during FAWM 2021 (February Album Writing Month). The music was actually written a few years ago for The Raygun Girls, but I was never able to put words to it. In the FAWM community, I went to someone who has written lyrics for Titanosaur songs before, and she had just finished a Love song. The lyrics fit well, and I loved the contrast of the music with such loving words – it can either be a love song, or a stalker song.

Not only is there the new single hitting stations all over, but there’s also a brand new music video for it! You should really subscribe to the Titanosaur Youtube channel… yup, you should…

And, lastly… there’s the artwork and explanation of the EP title.

cover artwork for 2021 EP

Inti Wañu is Quechua and it means Sun Warrior. Quechua is the native language of South America. I am 1st generation United States-ian… My grandmother came to the US back in the 60’s from Ecuador. After learning English by reading newspapers and watching tv, she brought her children over.

My grandmother’s family comes from the Cotopaxi region in Ecuador, and she has native blood. The Cotopaxi is one of the largest active volcanos in the world. Growing up in the shadow of that fear, that power, that majesty, is in my DNA. During the recording of the music for this EP, I suddenly felt an urge to share that heritage – hence the Inca inspired artwork and the Quechua name.

You can Pre-Order and Pre-Save the EP at

The EP has 5 tracks with the signature Titanosaur sound, and has some guest guitar soloists. I’m really proud of this album, and know you’ll enjoy it!

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