Absence of Universe – February 2022

“Absence of Universe is the first must-own album of 2022. Its nine songs have infinite replay value, not a single dud on this record, folks. The musicianship is tight, no small feat when it’s one dude performing all the duties.”

Harbinger of Doom

The Inti Wañu EP solidified the Titanosaur sound. Now it was time to show the world what Titanosaur can really do. Absence of Universe is a tight collection of 9 songs showing the range of inspiration, from the trashiest of Punk to the sludgiest of groove and heaviness.

Released February 4, 2022

The Swamp Records label

Music and lyrics by Geoff Saavedra.

Vox, guitar, bass, drum programming – Geoff Saavedra 

Recorded, mixed and engineered by Geoff Saavedra at Savage Vibes.

Cover artwork by Juan Gallardo. All publicity photos by Samanthuel Destroyer of Worlds (Kyle).

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