The Eater of Death is here!

The double single “Eater of Death” b/w “The Time is Now” has been released upon the world! Rejoice for the end times have arrived!

I mean… yay…

Seriously though, go check out the new music. As the Sleeping Village put it – “[Eater of Death] delivers sneering ‘tude alongside an unmistakable brand of infectiously stompy riffage that practically demands a serious bout of headbanging.

“Eater of Death” was originally written in February, 2022, to be released on a benefit compilation for the National Foundation for Transplants. I wrote the lyrics thinking of fighting for life. It was only a couple of weeks after the benefit that I was told that I am going to need a heart transplant. At this point, the lyrics became somewhat prescient.

Ever since I got that news, I have been playing the “Eater of Death” daily as my morning affirmation:

“I am the eater of Death
I am the flames of the sun
I am the power inside
That keeps me alive”

But I didn’t just want to release one song, unattached to anything, so I went through some older songs I had, and “The Time is Now” just felt right. “The Time is Now” was originally written for The Raygun Girls, and was released on the self titled album back in 2012. There is an absolutely amazing solo done by Peter Watkinson in it as well. I re-recorded the vocals, and redid the mixing and voila! A perfect pair.

I make music to enjoy, but also to affect. So, here’s hoping you can all feel, and then become, the Eater of Death!

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