Absence of Universe Release Party!

“Absence of Universe is the first must-own album of 2022. Its nine songs have infinite replay value, not a single dud on this record…”

Harbinger of D.O.O.M.

The positive reviews keep coming in for the new album, Absence of Universe! And release day is just around the corner… so, what better way to celebrate than to have a live performance?

Let me elaborate a little – let us remember that Titanosaur is a one man band. With that in mind, this will actually be a pre-recorded live performance. As in, I played each instrument separately, and filmed them separately, and then smooshed it all together into a 30 minute concert. Performances are completely unedited, and no extraneous effects have been added.

The Release Party will take place on Feb 4th at 7pm (New York Time) on Bandcamp. That’s right! Bandcamp now has streaming events. Just go to https://titanosaur1.bandcamp.com/live/titanosaur-absence-of-universe-release-party and join everyone in the chat. And get yourself a copy of the new album while you’re there 😉

“…a pleasure to blast at full volume in my car pissing off others in their cars.”

Metal Inc.

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