Another New Album in 2022?!

That’s right!

Not only did 2022 see the release of Absence of Universe, which charted in the Top 20 of the Doom Charts, and was called “early Album of the Year”, but on December 9th there will be a NEW album!

I hate to make things easy for myself and, apparently, for people listening to my music. So, I went and called this full length album No One Home.


So, don’t confuse the No One Home album with the No One Home Single, or the song “No One Home” 😀 .

Look! It all made sense when I started out, okay?!

You’ve heard “No One Home”, “Eater of Death” and “The Spaces Between”. There’s also a crushing new song, “This Isn’t How” and a great acoustic version of “Eater of Death”. But don’t just take my word for it-

“This 6-track collection is flawless… this album’s a strong candidate to wind up on year-end best albums lists. Titanosaur continues to be a force to be reckoned with, cultivating a distinct guitar sound, unmistakable vocals, and good times guaranteed.”

Harbinger of Doom

Pre-Order on Bandcamp today or Pre-Save on Spotify!

If you download No One Home on Bandcamp, you’ll get a Bonus Track – “Escape Velocity 2022” – which was previously only available on the Harbinger of Doom Compilation.

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