Where Did Titanosaur Go?

If you follow Titanosaur on social media, then you already know that I spent about 5 weeks in the hospital, from January 11 – February 10th. This is due to my heart issues. For a bit, I was up there on the transplant list at level 1, but then they gave me an intravenous medication that helped my heart, and I went back down to level 6 and got sent home…. Not complaining there!

I got home and was starting to get used to daily home life when we all got covid. Sunofabitch!

Finally starting to get rid of the congestion and have started recording vocals to some new music. Got some great material that I’m excited to get out there. Got some collabs lined up as well. I keep growing as a songwriter, and I do believe that the new music shows that.

I thank you all for supporting Titanosaur, all the well wishes, prayers, good vibes, in person visits… Y’all helped pass the time and keep my spirits up. Even got some gifts (BIG thanks to Sara Whizbanger!), which surprised the hell out of me.

So keep an eye out for that new stuff coming in the next couple of months, and, as always – take care of each other!

Please leave your love praise and appreciation here!