Back out of the hospital means a new song!

One of the problems with my health, is that I never fit into the average mold of symptoms. That is why, even though my ejection fraction is not extremely low, I am listed on the heart transplant list. This is why they can’t keep me in the hospital indefinitely – because they can’t find a reason to keep me there. I am basically healthy, except for my heart. So, I have to wait at home until l need to get my heart shocked back into rhythm…. 3 times so far, now waiting for my 4rth.

Why all this info? Because that’s where my music and lyrics come from. And that’s where the new song comes from.

Let Me Go” will be released on 1/29/24. It was mostly written when I was in the hospital for 5 weeks from Jan to Feb 2023.

A hospital is where you go to get better, but the smells, the lack of colors… and the FOOD! All working against you getting better. The nurses and doctors want to help, but they have to work within these constraints.

“They mean well
They want to heal
how to grow when ugly is all you feel”

And that’s what this song is about. Hope you dig it when it comes out!

Be sure to preserve and all that jazz –

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